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My cute sis Shane was napping in the living room so I decided to take advantage of the situation and feel up her pussy! She was already wet so she mustve been dreaming about dick or something. I put my dick in her mouth then even fucked her without her waking up!

A day later, I go up to Shane and tell her I get hard whenever Im in the same room as her. I got her to jerk me off and it wasnt long until she was horny and wanted to get fucked – so of course I fucked my sis and even creamed inside of her! Later that night, Shane caught me masturbating while I was thinking about her, she offered to help so I let her.

She sucked my cock and I drilled into her tight pussy one more time!

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  • My sister teasing me on phone she don’t think I mo she is pushing dido in & out of here self while talking 2 me why she do this

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